The Sandwich Program Between Institut Teknologi PLN and University of Auckland is Shaping the Future

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As global borders blur in the education sector, the Sandwich Program stands out as a pioneering initiative that bridges cultures and knowledge between Indonesia and New Zealand, especially between ITPLN, PT PLN (Persero) and University of Auckland. For students at Institut Teknologi PLN (ITPLN), this opportunity isn’t just about studying abroad; it’s a gateway to becoming global leaders in energy and technology.

What is the Sandwich Program?

Launched following a 2023 collaboration between ITPLN, PT PLN (Persero), and the University of Auckland, the Sandwich Program is designed for ITPLN’s undergraduate students to split their study time between Jakarta and Auckland. This unique structure allows students to spend their first five semesters at ITPLN, then two semesters at the University of Auckland, before returning to ITPLN for their final semester.


Why Should You Care?

Global Exposure: This isn’t just about getting an international stamp in your passport. It’s about immersing yourself in a new culture, experiencing different teaching style, experiencing research, and expanding your professional network across continents.

Career Readiness: Upon completion, graduates don’t just walk away with a Bachelor of Engineering degree; they step directly into potential employment with PT PLN, backed by international experience that is highly valued in the global job market.

Diverse Learning: Whether you’re into Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, or even Mechanical Engineering, the program offers tailored courses at both universities that cater to a wide array of interests within the energy sector.

A Peek into the Curriculum

The program meticulously maps out courses to ensure that while students specialize, they also gain a broad understanding of their field’s international applications. The curriculum was developed by ITPLN, PT PLN (Persero) and University of Auckland not only about academic purpose but also  about industrial sector. For example, students in the Faculty of Electricity and Renewable Energy at ITPLN can look forward to studying Power Apparatus and Systems in Auckland, a course that complements their Jakarta studies with a global perspective.

Who’s It For?

If you’re an ITPLN student with a zest for adventure, a passion for technology, and a desire to make an impact on a global scale, this program is tailor-made for you. The ideal candidate is someone who’s not just academically inclined but is also ready to dive into new cultural experiences and bring those learnings back home to contribute to Indonesia’s energy sector.

Mobility Program Semester Breakdown

Mobility Program Semester Breakdown

How to Get Involved

The journey begins with a selection process that includes academic assessments, health checks, and an English test. Post-selection, students are prepped for their year abroad, equipping them with not just academic but practical knowledge to thrive in a new environment.

Final Thoughts

For students eager to redefine boundaries, this program is more than an education—it’s a life-changing adventure. It promises to mold you into a well-rounded, globally competitive professional, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Interested in joining the next wave of global energy leaders? Check out ITPLN’s admissions page for more details on how you can apply to the Sandwich Program. Your future in global energy innovation starts here!

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